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COMPA repair of a main sea water pipe T-junction

sea water pipe repair

We had another busy month applying COMPA Repairs technology. The latest repair was conducted during the vessel’s stay in Antwerp port, without creating any delays for a shipping company. Leaking main sea water pipe with a ⌀ 2,5cm crack needed fast and durable repair solution. To reinforce the pipe and achieve watertightness, our experts applied […]

COMPA repair of double bottom tank tops

cheap tank repair

Our highly experienced COMPA team performed an extensive repair on-board a Ro-Ro vessel during a four-day voyage from Germany to Belgium.  Multiple damage locations were identified on the double bottom deck caused by cargo operations. Heavy fuel and ballast were found to be leaking on top of the deck. COMPA engineers made the detailed plan, […]

COMPA Repair of the T-junction pipe for sea water

sea water pipe repair

A leakage was identified on the weld of the sea water cooling pipeline. The T-junction pipe was repaired using a composite patch technology by our highly experienced team. The applied COMPA patch successfully reinstated the watertightness of the whole T-junction. The pipe endured a pressure test of 5 bars. The passenger ship was ready to […]

COMPA repair of sea water pipe T-junction

sea water pipe t-junction repair

Another sea water pipe repair was completed using COMPA Repairs service. The purpose of the repair was to prevent a leakage in the engine room caused by three corrosive holes on the sea water pipe T-junction. The holes on the pipe were sealed and the composite patch was applied using the hand lay-up technique. Ro-Ro/Passenger […]

COMPA reinforcement of doubler plates

Repair of doubler plate

Respecting all precautions related to the COVID-19 situation, the COMPA repair team responded to the client’s emergency call. According to the detailed repair plan made by our engineers, COMPA technicians reinforced damaged doubler plates on the double bottom above the ballast and oil tanks. The repair was completed within 12 hours in between phases of cargo […]

COMPA repair of HFO bulkhead

Repair of hfo bulkhead

We completed yet another repair in just four hours while Ro-Ro/Passenger ship was in the port in south Italy. Well trained technicians applied composite patch technology and successfully stopped the leakage on a cracked HFO bulkhead. The ship managed to continue its usual operations without any setbacks. For more information and insight into other COMPA Repair cases, […]

Scientific publication in a Maritime Journal

ansys tank specimen analysis

Our scientific article has been chosen for a special edition of Maritime Journal – Journal of Maritime and Transportation Sciences, No. 3 2020., published by the Association for the Study and Development of Maritime Studies and the Faculty of Maritime Studies, University of Rijeka. The published article „Study of Tube And Tank Specimens Repaired Using […]

Technology qualification with the DNV GL

Bristle resistance test video

Qualification tests were performed after DNV-GL issued the Statement of Feasibility for pipe and tank repairs for COMPA Repairs technology.   COMPA team performed blister resistance tests according to standard ISO 24817:2017. There were 7 pipe specimens with damage in a form of the hole with the 15 mm in diameter. COMPA patches, containing 8 layers […]

COMPA repair of the sailboat mast

Repair of sailboat mast

The repair was carried out on the mechanically damaged mast of a sailboat in Kaštela, Croatia.The mast made of carbon fibre, with the approximate cross-section dimensions of 175×106, was repaired according to the calculations made by the eCOMPA software.  A 400 mm patch applied using vacuum bagging technique covered the damage and successfully prolonged the […]