Alveus d.o.o. is an expert in development and application of composite technologies with extensive experience in ship design and engineering.

Our mission is to provide fast and cost-effective composite repair solutions for ships. We want to secure safe and efficient ship operations through novel technologies.

We are gathering a team of experts in naval architecture and in composite materials application. Our team of composite specialist is stand by to execute COMPA Repairs in a short period of time from any inquiry.

We have a record of successful application of COMPA Repairs on ships in cases such as ballast piping and tanks, sewage and HFO tanks, thermal oil piping, valves, flanges, decks, bulkheads, garage floors, air-conditioning units to mention but a few. Also, we are mastering structural and pipe analyses, using various engineering software, based on which we design optimal repair solution.

All COMPA Repairs to be in accordance with the company’s SHE guidelines. SHE issues shall be evaluated based on applicable legislation and SHE guidelines for the facility where the COMPA technology is being applied.


The company has received ISO 9001:2015 certificate for quality of management by Bureau Veritas BV.

COMPA Repairs technology is a proud owner of DNV-GL Statement of feasibility for use of composite patches for repairing corroded steel pipes and tank plates with the aim to provide immediate water tightness and slow down further corrosion.

We have also received the Endorsement of Qualification plan and are currently awaiting final evaluation. 

We are certified by an IACS member, Croatian Register of Shipping (CRS), for repairs of marine piping using COMPA procedure, which is based on the application of fibre reinforced plastics. The procedure itself has been approved for the working temperatures in the range from -20 to +60 C and for the systems with the levels L1, L2, L3 according to IMO Res. 753(18).