COMPA is a method for repair and reinforcement of damaged structures and pipes using composite materials.

COMPA Repairs is a result of extensive experience in ship design and engineering.

The method features application of carbon and glass fibres mixed with epoxy resin/adhesive onto a damaged surface. By curing, the resin hardens and bonds to the surface permanently, impregnating also the fibres that reinstate the strength of the damaged part. It creates a solid new layer of material that provides full watertightness.

COMPA bonds strongly to metals, wood and plastics

COMPA Repairs is a multi-phase process starting with the damage inspection and ending with the patch decommissioning. The patch design phase utilises specialised engineering software tools that enable optimum patch design and customised application procedure.

Benefits of COMPA Repairs and Reinforcements

Cost-efficient compared to traditional repairs

Safe, no hot works involved

Done during voyage or port operations

Applicable to anything reachable by hand

Applicable to any shape

Durable patch is resistant to osmosis

High-pressures, salt, dust, mud or liquids do not pose a challenge

Low added weight


COMPA Repairs is performed by trained personnel only.
Optimal and robust performance of the repair/reinforcement is secured if the application is documented and approved by a controlling body, e.g. for ships by a classification society.

All COMPA applications are conducted in a controlled environment and our team takes care of the:

  • surface preparation
  • temperature
  • humidity